Thursday, May 22, 2008

My ptu kits been shared...

It's been brought to my attention by some lovely Ladies (Angie, Melissa and Jen, I will never thank you enough!) that my PTU kits are shared through groups and uploaded to rapidshare etc...
I know that I can do anything against this kind of issues.
I've reported the files but I know they will be available soon somewhere else. It happens every day!
I only want to tell people that are doin' this that they are awful. I spend so much time and money in making scrapkits and this hurts me so much that makes me want to stop selling and sharing kits....
There are millions of beautiful FREE kits out there, why you need to share ptu kits? Respect other people work and get a life, please! Refrain from doin' it again!
I know who bought my kits and I probably will find out who's sharing them!

If someone else knows about my files been shared... I'm here. Thank you!


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EmCee Scraps said...

Laura I have seen your kits being shared and was disgusted enough to google your name and found your site here. I hope to have my own blog soon and would hate to have this happen to me. I always go to the site to download if something is free that way I can say thankyou for sharing. You can report the theft to rapidshare and they will remove the link.
Keep your chin up it will bring you more customers like me. lol that didn't know about your beautiful kits. I tried to contact you privatly but couldn't find a contact link except for this one