Saturday, April 9, 2011

Reward Discounts for the Sophisticated Scrapper!

Welcome to the Sophisti-Spenders Club! Where the scrappers are sophisticated - and savvy - on savings. Because we appreciate our customers and have always valued your patronage. So we'd like to reward you for being a Sophisti-fan!

You're already a member of the Sophisti-Spenders Club if you're already a customer. If not, place an order and let the fun begin! Your order totals will accumulate every time you shop. We normally have great prices, specials, and lots of sales. Now you'll get even better prices as you reach our reward thresholds!

We've decided to include all past purchase history to date. To start the festivities, anyone who's spent $200 or more during their Sophisti-shopping career will enjoy an extra 5% discount on future purchases. Check below for the next steps up our ladder of Sophisti-savings. Log in to see where you rank! You'll see a "Sophisti-snapshot" of your account on each product info page. Or, you can return back here for a more detailed view.

Professional designers can also join our Designer Discount Club to enjoy a standing discount on our commercial products. Discounts for both clubs will be issued on an individual product basis and will reflect in your cart prior to checkout.

So, who loves you, baby? Clearly, we do! And we've always had you covered when it comes to beautiful and quality designs. Now it really "pays" to be a Sophisti-fan! :)

Sophisti-Spender Club discounts will be offered when no sale or special exists, or the sale/special price is higher (i.e. less of a discount) than the Sophisti-Spender Club discount price. Store prices will change accordingly when you log in.

While order totals will accumulate regardless of the type of product purchased, Designer Discount Club members will be eligible for Sophisti-Spender Discounts on personal use products only - unless the earned Sophisti-Spender discount exceeds that of the Designer Discount Club, in which case the Sophisti-Spender discount will be offered on all products. Any other group discount members will also be offered the lowest price amongst their discount choices.

Sophisti-Scraps reserves the right to add, remove, or revise the terms of Sophisti-Spender Club and/or Designer Discount Club membership, with or without notice, at any time. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. In the meantime, wishing you happy shopping, scrapping . . . and saving! :)

•Spend $200.00 or more to receive 5% off

•Spend $500.00 or more to receive 10% off

•Spend $1,000.00 or more to receive 15% off

•Spend $2,000.00 or more to receive 20% off

•Spend $2,500.00 or more to receive 25% off

Your "Sophisti-History" is calculated as follows:

Checking purchase history . . .

Totaling all orders . . .

Log in to view your stats!

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