Monday, June 30, 2008

Daisies and Lace - ready


The new kit is ready for sale at Tantrum Scraps and later today you will find it also at Designer Scraps and at Magical-Scraps.

The kit contains 14 papers and more than 60 mixed elements. You can see the preview in the post below.

Just a reminder: my kits are still on sale at Magical-Scraps and you can have them for $2.25!

Have a beautiful day,

New kit preview

Hello everybody!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Mine was quite relaxing. I haven't had the chance to go anywhere because of chickenpox. Soooo I had time to scrap and I have a new kit ready.

It will be available later today for purchase:

This is the preview:

Hope you like it!


Friday, June 27, 2008

New kit, illegal sharing and... sale time!

Hi there,
hope everyone's fine!!

Me, not very much... I have chickenpox!!! I know, that's unbelievable... at the age of 35!! :(
My baby boy had it two weeks ago so.... here I am! Lol
Once again: my kits are constantly shared everywhere.
Only yesterday I've been notified of 3 massive illegal sharing (via rapidshare, 4shared and the ugly Pando...) of ALL my kits (even the free ones...that's absurd), with 20-70 downloads for each kit.
It's not only a question of money... even it they are thousand dollars flyin' away. I'm not counting on my kits to live even if they help. It's unrespectful people that hurt me. When you contact them asking not to share ptu kits all you get is... "I do what I want!".

Anyway, I have a new kit ready and it will availabe on sale later today at Designer Scraps, Magical-Scraps and Tantrum Scraps - and soon, all over thousand of pirate groups -
It's called "California Sunset" and there are 16 papers and more than 60 elements in the kit. Don't ask me why I called it like that... maybe I was inspired by the warm colors I used...

Also: it's sale time at Tantrum Scraps!! All my kits are for just $2.oo!! Sale will go on through all weekend so.... you have plenty of time!! :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New kit - Vintage

hope everyone's ok!

My mojo's gone for a few days, now it's slowly comin' back, hopefully...

Anyway, I have a new kit on sale at Designer Scraps, Magical-Scraps and Tantrum-Scraps.
It's called "Vintage" (very original... LOL!). There are 16 paper and about 60 mixed elements. As always, not all are shown in the preview.

Just for your info, the kit is for $2.50 at Tantrum Scraps just for a few days, then it will be full price.
Also: at Designer Scraps my kits are on sale until June 30, so you have some more days to take advantage of this sale - then they will go full price!


Have a nice day!

Monday, June 23, 2008

I've been tagged!

hope you had a great week-end!

Finally, my life is back to normal... My baby is fine so this means a little more relax! (not more...). I also had to reformat both my home pc and my office pc.... It's been a maaaaaaaasive work but now everything works!

I've been tagged a few times over the past weeks by:

Sonel (she hasn't left her link...)
- sorry if I forgot someone! -

You've been tagged!

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7 facts about myself are soooo many and I'm not so good at English... I will do my best! :)

1. I'm sunny, friendly, lazy, greedy, nervous...

2. I'm an addicted to Music. Music saved my life! Music is my life. My fav artist ever is Neil Young. I looooooove him with all my heart and I will never thank God enough to send him on Earth!!

3. My fav movies are (I hope this is the right translation for them...): Forrest Gump (I cry all time...), Tootsie, City Slickers, Steel Magnolias, As good as it gets just to name a few.

4. I work with my husband so, fortunately, I have a few time to dedicate to my hobbies (tags and scraps!). Work is different every day: one day I'm a clerk, one day I'm a charlady, one day I'm a mechanic, one day I'm a chaperon... Lol!

5. I'm very disappointed by false friendship. I was so hurt by so many people that now I'm keepin' it for me!

6. I love Nature in every single way... the sound of thunder, the wind between the trees, the sound of the sea, a walk on the beach, layin' down on the grass... I'm a romantic soul!

7. I have 2 cats, Ginger and Lola. They are 1 year old and they are brother and sister (she's been sterilized a few weeks ago)

I'm tagging:

Baby Cakes

Hope I've done everything ok!!

Have a nice day,

Friday, June 20, 2008

New kit + freebie and a sale!

Hi there!

I have some news for you. A new kit with the related freebie and a Summer Sale at Tantrum Scraps!

The new kit is called "Love affair" and it's huuuuuuge!! There are 14 papers and more than 100 elements. As always, not all are shown in the preview.
If you wish to purchase it, you can go to Designer Scraps, Magical-Scraps or Tantrum Scraps.


I also have a freebie for you. This add-on coordinates with the "Love affair" kit. All elements and papers are not in the full kit.

You can download this freebie from here:

Last but not less important... a Summer Sale at Tantrum Scraps!!
All my kits are on sale!! Prices go from $1.75 to $2.50 (for the latest releases).
Go and check them all!

Have a beautiful weekend everyone!


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New kit - sunny inside

as promised, I'm back with a new kit and one more almost ready with an add-on freebie. Stay tuned!

The new kit is called "Sunny inside" and contains 12 paper and more than 60 mixed elements.
If you want to purchase it go here, here or here.

My kits are still on sale at Designer Scraps (until the end of June) and my new releases at Tantrum Scraps are for $2.50 for a few days then they go full price.


Have a nice day,

Thank you...

... to people who took the time to leave a comment about my latest post! I really appreciate it!

I wasn't looking for compliments about my kits... I still think they're not so beautiful. But I LOVE what I do and I hate when people think they can do anything with someone else's hard work and then offends you when you ask them not to share.... :(
This was the meaning of that post...

I have a new kit ready, I will post the preview later today.

I've also added a form to subscribe to my newsletter, if you are interested :) See on the right!

See you later!

PS: I know I have been tagged a few times... Just give some more time and I will reply! :) Sorry!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

New kit - Raspberry Moka

Hello everybody,
hope you had a great weekend!

Mine wasn't too good. My baby boy has chicken pox so I haven't been online very much...
If this may interest you: I haven't an internet connection at home, we only use mobiles, they're cheaper!! :) So I can only be online when I'm at work (fortunately, I work with my dear hubby and even if he thinks that I love my pc more than I love him - very frequent as I saw.... - I have the possibility to post on my blog, update my tut site and so on...). So, here I am.

Being at home, I had the time to scrap enough to make a new kit.
It's called "Raspberry Moka" and it's huge! There are 14 papers and about 90 elements in this kit. You can find it at my stores here, here or here.

Let me say that nobody's is forced to buy it... but please, if you do, do not share it!
I know that this won't stop nasty people from sharing my kits (I have to report tons of links everyday and this is an awful waste of time...) but I'm only asking a little respect for my work!! And I don't understand why people buy kits to share them... :

What's more, a nice "lady" that was sharing my kits told me this, last week: "... a lot of people didnt even BOTHER to download your scraps because they didnt even think they were worth downloading for FREE!" (I'm not posting the entire mail, I should censure almost anything...)

Everyone is free to think his way and I'm the firts to say that my kits are not so good.
But I don't understand why people think THEY HAVE the right to share them...!

Ok, sorry but I needed to vent a little...

This is the preview:

Have a nice day,

Thursday, June 12, 2008

New kit and a freebie

Hello everybody,
I have a new kit and a little freebie for you.

The new kit available for sale at my stores (see links on the right) is called "Bee-autiful garden". There are 20 papers and about 75 elements - not all are shown in the preview.


And this is a little freebie for you. You can download it from here

Have a nice day,


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

new kit - steel magnolias

I have a new kit available at my stores.
It's called "Steel Magnolias". The name was inspired by one of my fav movies ever, "Steel Magnolias".
There are 13 papers and about 70 elements in this kit, all in steel and magnolia tones.

If you are interested you can go to my stores for purchasing (see links on the right).

Just a reminder: Designer Scraps and Tantrum Scraps are having sales so you can have the kit at a lower price.


I'll be back tomorrow with a freebie!

Have a nice day,

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

new kit - girly


I have a new kit for you to enjoy.
It's called "Girly". There are 12 papers and 45 mixed elements. If you wish to purchase it, you can go to my stores - links are on the right :)


Happy scrappin'!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Grand Opening

Hello everybody,

hope you had a wonderful weekend!

I have great news today!!
Amanda, aka Tantrum, has asked me to join her new store so I'm now a designer at Tantrum Scraps! Thank you Amanda!!
Today there will be the Grand Opening, you can't miss it!

There will be freebies, sales and a Mega Colab kit from all designers with a $10 purchase.

This is my part:

Go and... have fun!!


Saturday, June 7, 2008

2 new kits on sale

I have 2 new kits for sale, they will be available for purchase at Designer Scraps and at Magical-Scraps.
Remember that at Designer Scraps the Promotion is still up and it will continue for the entire month of June. You can have all my kits for just $2.40!

The first new kit is called "On the beach" and it's a little different from what I've ever made. Hope you like it! There are 9 papers and 41 mixed elements.

This is the preview:

The second new kit is called "Satin Dreams" and it's quite in my style. I realized that I've never used violet tones in my kit so... here they are! There are 12 papers and 46 elements.
This is the preview:

Have a beautiful weekend everyone and....
Happy scrappin'!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New kit + DS Contest + DS Summer sale!

I'm back with some amazing news!

First: I have a new kit that will be available for sale at Designer Scraps and at Magical-Scraps.
It's called "Endless". There are 14 papers and 60 elements in this kit. I'm quite happy how it turned out... :) I hope you like it!

This is the preview:

Second: Designer Scraps is having an amazing contest! Details below! You cannot miss it!! :)

Third but not less important: there is a "School's out for Summer" sale at Designer Scraps! This means you can have all my kits at -20% for the entire month of June! Not bad!

I thank the people that left a message about my previous post. I really appreciate them!!

See you later!


Tuesday, June 3, 2008


hope you had a wonderful weekend!

I need to clarify something...
I've been contacted by Casey of Pretty Scrappy. She told me that several people are writing her sayin' that I'm a PIRATE because I have a kit with the same name as hers up for a free download, "Live, laugh & love".

First of all, I've never seen her site/blog. I really cannot keep track of the million scrap sites/blogs/stores existing. Sorry!

Second, I made this kit more than a month ago as you can see at the bottom of this page (April 28 post). It was I paid kit but since I moved to stores I decided to give it away as a freebie. I'm sorry if I have chosen the wrong period, while another designer had the same kit up for download. I've been told that this is not "a very good etiquette"... but, I repeat, I cannot keep track of ALL scrap sites/blogs/stores! And, what's more, there are tons of scrapkits coming out with the same name at the same time.

I didn't want to put anyone into confusion and I'M NOT A PIRATE!! I haven't stolen anything to anyone!! I buy EVERYTHING I use for my kits or I made everything by myself!
I'm so sad about the fact that some people waste their time reporting things that aren't true... You can download my "Live, laugh and love" kit and you will see that it has nothing to do with Pretty Scrappy's kit!

If you believe that I'm stealing someone else's work, please, don't even visit my blog/site.

Thank you!