Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sharing some news & pics :)

Hi everyone!!

It's been agesss since I posted something here and I really really apologize for this! :(

We've been through some health issues round here... flu A and whatelse and there's no need to tell you that I've been very busy in being a nurse for all my family... lol!
Fortunately, everything seems to be solved now.... finger crossed!!

I really had no time to scrap at all and, beside this, my mojo seems to be gone forever... I know, maybe it's only temporary but I haven't any new kit to share with you.

I have some pictures to share, instead. Hope you don't mind... :)

We are gettin' ready for Christmas (can't wait, I sooooooooo love this time of the year!!) and we took some pictures to insert into these adorable Mary Fran's Christmas cards!

This is Matteo (5 months old already... sniff sniff): he's an adorable little Angel and I'm so happy!!
I simply adore him! And, of course, I adore Mirko (almost 6 years old...... my God, time really flies!!!), my oldest son - an adorable little Devil! LOL

I don't know if I will post something else before Christmas.
If not, I wish everyone a Joyful Christmas and a Happy Happy New Year!!!
Also: my kits are 65% off for the entire month of December!
If you are interested...
Ps: I thank everyone for the comments/messages left in my shout box and in my mail box. I'm sorry if I haven't replied but I'm not ignoring you. I'm just dedicating to my family and this is filling my heart with joy!! :)