Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I've been challenged!!

Ok, I've been challenged by Michelle ( and by Michal (

The Challenge is:
go to your picture folder on your computer.
Find the 6th folder.
Go to the 6th picture of the 6th folder.
Post the picture on your blog and describe it.
Pass the challenge on to 6 friends.
Link to them on your blog and let them know they've been challenged.

This is a picture of my Grandparents took somewhere at the end of the 30's, I believe...
I loooooove it and they were both sooooo beautiful! Don't you think? :)

Now I should pass this challenge to 6 blogs. All blogs I checked were already been challenged so... That's all for now :)

Thank you Michelle & Michal for this awesome challenge!!

Hugz! :)

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