Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I've been tagged and awarded :)

I was tagged by Kirsty ( and had to answer these questions:

1.How long have you been using PSP? For about 3 years now

2. How did you get into making tags, scrapkits? Well, I first started with my glittered name - it took me about 4 hours to have a decent result with the animation.. lol

3. Who`s your fave artist? Garvey, Chatzoudis, Janesko, Zindy, Woolcott mainly but there are many others

4.Who`s your faveourite Scrap Designer? ehehe, so many to chose from!! I would say Lisa (Sophisticated Scraps), Kay Miller and Mary Fran (Nit Wit) - they were my first idols but I love many many others!

5. Which three blogs do you visit everyday? Unfortunately I haven't much time to go through blogs :( but there are a few I visit from time to time: Krista, Teresa (boundless bliss) and Missy's and Yvette's Misfit Scraps.

Passing this on to the following:

Kirsty also gave me this award:

Thank you for thinking of me!! :)

I'm passing this award to the same blogs I've tagged:


Unknown said...

Thankies for both the awards Laura

ChaDesignz said...

thank you so much darlin for the award and tagged me