Monday, April 20, 2009

Last words about this... then life goes on!

The weekend brought a little serenity.
I had some time (just a little, to be honest...) to think about all this matter... and there are some things that I WANT to point out, then I will stop this forever:

1) I repeat: I'm not a pirate. I apologize once again for misunderstanding Jaguarwoman's tou. But I've never wrote her to have an explanation on how to use her stuff, and then just ignore her, like she said. I'm not so stupid and callous. I wish I asked for explanations! This wouldn't happen.
I've never said anyone or wrote anywhere those were my cliparts, painted by me or what else. I gave her credit. I know this is not enough. I made a mistake in using them that way. I'm just human and I made a mistake. That's all.

2) I've been told I'm not creative at all. I KNOW... LOL!! I've never said I am. I wish I had that gift but I haven't so I'm forced to use beautiful stuff made by talented others.
Also: I like to keep my so called kits quite simple. I don't do many clusters, I do not decorate frames or other elements. I like to give people the possibility to play with my so called kits. Personally, I don't like when I buy a kit and everything is already packed... I like to play with elements and create my own clusters and personalize what I create with them...

3) There are designers that do allow their cliparts/tubes/posers to be used as single .png files. There are bunches. It's not true nobody allows it. Lisa of Sophisticated Scraps is one of them, just to name one...

4) I haven't left the store, not ultimately. I've just disabled my kits. I was so angry and disappointed... I have nothing against SBS. I'm just sad this matter involved the store itself, and Farrah first. I didn't want to cause any trouble in any way :(

5) No, I won't stop making kits.
I won't let this drama stop me from doin' something I really like... no matter what the result is.
I make my so called kits in my spare time and this helps me stayin' positive, the only thing I need right now.
I was already working on 4 kits before all this started. I don't want to lose them.
I don't care if people won't buy them anymore. I don't care at all. I'm in peace with my conscience :)
I'm going to re-do a few of them (just 2 or 3), removing JW's stuff. Fortunately, there are a lot of talented designers out there that allow their stuff to be used almost in any way.

6) I've learned the lesson well. I will read all tou 10 times before using something, from now on. I should have done it before.
I usually read them all, anyway. I will only read them more carefully... and maybe I will use a translator, who knows?

Now, I have thousand mails to go through. This will take a while but I will try to reply them all.

I thank each and everyone of you for the comments left in my shout box, under my posts and in my mail box. I really appreciate you took the time to do it.
I wasn't looking for any adulation, just wanted to defend myself.

Have a nice day.



Dianna said...

Hon, you are definately creative and I love your stuff. I'm sorry you had a run in with some snit about her TOU, and I don't understand why, if you fixed the problem, we can't just move on. Misunderstandings happens, they need to get over it. I'm sure she's never been misunderstood before in her life. Geez.

I hope to see you back in the store again soon! And keep your kits coming!

Unknown said...

you go! dont let them get you down and definitely dont let them run you off...i love your kits and i hope you continue to make them..

Balinda (RebelChick) said...

I am glad you are not quitting. I adore all your kits. As a new designer myself..this has taught me a thing or two about something to avoid.
Sending many blessings your way!

Pinkie said...

I'm glad you're not quitting too hun!! I love your kits & tutorials:) You are a creative person!