Friday, April 17, 2009

About Dana/Jaguarwoman

This won't be a long post.

Unfortunately, my English is not helping me.. and I have so many things to explain in all this drama.

At the moment, I'm only feeling totally helpless for what happened with Jaguarwoman.
I've just opened my blog and found tons and tons of messages from her, sayin' I'm stealing her work. I've been offline all day (yesterday) and couldn't reply sooner.
I have a life outside "scrapbooking" and I don't live on the net.

I'm sorry for using her stuff in the wrong way. Sometimes my English fails and I've misunderstood her tou.
But I'm not a pirate.
I don't want to live on other people's shoulders like she's saying.
I didn't want to use her stuff in the wrong way. But I've did it and I really apologize. Everybody fails, and I did it too. All I can do is say "sorry" and refund her the money I've made with my "Easter baskets" kit (a few dollars).

I'm not making kits to be rich. I'm not making kits to steal other people's hard work and claim it as my own. This is not my way of acting.
I buy every single CU item I use in my kits. I don't steel, I don't share stuff illegally. And I always credit all designers, even if not requested.
I'm only tryin' to help my family with a few dollars making kits.

I'm sorry for you Farrah, for being involved in all this. I didn't want to cause the store any problem or drama. I know you don't need this... and I don't need it too.

I'm also sorry this was bring in my shout box and not in my private mail, first. I totally understand if Jaguarwoman is so angry. But I think this is not the right way to let people know they are doin' something wrong.


Linda said...

everybody makes mistakes hun, we're only human.

Hugs Linda

Bren said...

Hey Laura,
Don't let this get you down girlfriend. As far as I can see you always give, give, give, and I find it hard to believe that you would steal anothers work. Keep your head up my friend. You don't need the stress right now being pregnant is stressful enough. I agree with you, this should have been handled thru e-mail, not the blog. And A break is something we all need !! Hope to see you back soon.
Big Huggles,

Farrah's Designer Scraps said...

Laura babe,

You have nothing to apologize for!
You know I love you and we have been friends along time, I know what kind of person you are.
Take a break babe and take care of "my baby" lol.
And when you're ready to come back we'll all be here.
Send me an email and let me know how you're doing once in a while!

I love you!

Angel Wolf said...

Always keep your head up girl... You make awesome kits and I would really hate to see you stop making them. I think I speak not only for myself but for many others that admire your work. Crud happens and the other side has just got to understand that we are only human and do make mistakes. But for the other side to attack you or any one else so publicly is excruciatingly cruel. I do not see any need for someone to go after another in the public way unless the person is deliberately doing what you are accused of doing. I am sorry for what is happening and I do truly wish you the best. As others have said keep your head held high and know you will get through all of this. Please just do NOT allow this one little mistake keep you from your creative designs. You are AWESOME!!
Hugs From
Angel Wolf

Brandi said...

Laura I am sorry this has happened to you! People do make mistakes and there was no need for that woman to attack you so publicly and insult you. She could have contacted you privately about the matter. Some people are just so selfish and rude sometimes! Hugs!

kenny said...

can you please email me and let me know who this jaguarwoman is... i dont need to have anything to do with her... i am new to all this stuff and i dont want to end up buying the wrong persons stuff.... as far as i can see you made a simple mistake... please dont let someone like that get you down... keep on doing what you love... my email is kllw357 at gmail dot com any info you can give me so i can stay far away from anything to do with her. Thank you,

kenny said...

never mind... found her and now i know...