Monday, February 2, 2009

Paradyce Lost Charity kit at DSLL!!

Her story...
2 weeks ago Monday, I did my normal stuff, emails, etc, logged off for the night and went to sleep after watching a movie with my niece...Woke up at 5 30 am to go to the bathroom, didn't notice anything strange, went back to bed...By the time I woke up with my niece at 8:38 , we were laying in an inch of water, freezing cold water...Her toes and various body parts were blue and so were mine...Take into consideration that my bed is almost 3 and a half feet from the feet to the top of the bed...I quickly got her out of the water that was almost to my waist and came to the realization that the entire basement was under 3 + feet of water and it was rising quickly...all my stuff is in the basement, everything I own and I've lost it all...EVERYTHING...My clothes, my computer, my tv, my knick knacks, my bric a brac, everything...I was and am totally devastated...My furniture, my bed, everything is all gone...Right now I'm going to be sleeping in my nieces room with her until I get figure out what to do next...We lost our power, phone, heat, etc because of all the water seeping up the walls and getting at the breaker panel...So the power had to be shut off...It's been a nutso couple weeks...

Our house insurance doesn't cover floods that are considered acts of god and this was considered an act of god because it was the snow run off that couldn't be absorbed into the ground because it's frozen...We've just now gotten all the water out and have started the process of drying the walls that haven't been cut out and stuff...We can't put new insulation in until all the wood is dried...Now, it's just a waiting game and moving the drying fans all over the basement...My niece and I both have wicked nasty colds, my sister took us to the hospital the morning we woke up laying in the run off water and both of us had extremely low body temps, we had to sit in blankets and on the couch with my sister driving me insane for the next few days...Then we went back for follow up to the doctors and we both got put on prescription anti-biotics and cough medicine...we both have rattles in our chests and can't breath thru our noses...We have severe chills all the time...

This kit contains:
116 Papers
308 Elements
3 Alpha Sets
The kit is 700x700 pixels and saved in .PNG format so it will work in any program.


Here's some previews of what's inside this huuuuge kit:

Please help us rebuild her life... THANK YOU!!!
Hugz :)


LilNickysGirl said...

I hate to hear that happened to someone. I purchased the kit. I hope it helps.

irishkathy said...

I understand what you are going through. It's been over 1 1/2 years since I chased around trying to stem the water flowing in from my roof and then found my basement was also flooded. I was forced to leave my home for over 6 months and I still don't have heat in all rooms and at this time, the water is shut off due to more leaks. While I didn't loose everything, I lost an awful lot - much of which can never be replaced. Good luck in rebuilding your life - it's a long, slow process.