Monday, December 15, 2008

A different Christmas... :)


Ok, I think it's time to share this with you all... :)

I'll try to explain as better as I can (as you know, English is not my mother language and I'm not using a translator, so... be good to me!!).

As I've already told you, I haven't been very well in the last few weeks. To tell you the truth, I felt soooooo bad that I thought I was about to die... I swear!

I'm not ill, anyway. I'm just....... PREGNANT!!! LOL!! At the age of 35!

I've found out it at the end of October. It was a huuuuuuuge surprise because we weren't planning to have another baby, not now... But I guess it's my last chance to have one :)

I soon started feeling soooooooo bad!! I've had nausea 24 hours a day and I was throwing up up to 4 times a day. I couldn't eat almost anything. I couldn't cook. I only wanted to sleep all day long. I was totally out of service.

This is the worst thing about pregnancy. But, fortunately, things started to change last week. I'm now feeling much much better, I can eat some more, I can cook (not everything) and I'm almost back into my normal life. And now I'm soooo happy!! Lol

I don't know if he's/she's a boy/girl but it doesn't matter. I only hope he's/she's in good health!

So, here's the reason because I'm offline for most of the time and I'm not even making new kits. I'm totally out of PSP/PS/scappin'/tuttin'/taggin' at the moment and I don't know if my mojo will come back. Who knows? At the moment I'm only taking care of myself and my baby. Let's see what happens! :)

This is going to be a very different Christmas for me...

And I want to thank Farrah soooooo much for making this kit.. dedicated to me and my baby! (PLEASE NOTE THAT IT'S NOT A CHARITY KIT)
I absolutely adore it!! :)

Thank you Farrah!! :)



Yvette said...

Oh wow congratulations Laura hun. What fantastic news. Im so happy for you. Im so sorry about the sickness, i got that with my youngest daughter, even gave up psp for 4mths cos it made me feel sick lol.

Paola said...

congratulations!!!! I wish you and your family a fantastic christmas and I hope you feel better soon so you can enjoy the pregnancy more!!!
Good luck!!!

*Sally* said...

congratulations! what a wonderful surprise!

weescotslass said...

yaaaay, fabtastic new hunni =D
wow, you must be so pleased, huge congrats hunni, I wish you and your family all the best and hope you all have a wonderful Christmas period =D
love and huggies

Dianna said...

Great! Congratulations on the new baby! Hey, making another human life is a lot more important than making another scrap kit. Take care of yourself and your new little one!

Stylin' Serina aka §Designs said...

Aww thats fabulous news hun congrats!!!!!!! What a lovely christmas its going to be .. when are you due? Get loads of rest and take care of you and the lil one :) Big warm hugs to you!!

Ellie said...

Congratulations, Sweetie! I sure will miss your designs and tuts, as you're one of my favorite designers, but I'm so happy for you!!
Hugs, Ellie W

Ephémère, Qc. said...

Congratulations !!! it's fantastic gift for christmas and I hope you feel better soon. Félicitation, c'est super un beau petit bébé, j'espère que tu iras mieux dans les mois à venir. Prends bien soin de toi. Bye..bye..good day.

Paci said...

Hola! Felicitaciones! Te escribo en español porque mi inglés es bastante malo. De corazón te felicito y me alegro tanto, no sabes cómo te envidio! Yo estoy por cumplir 35 y me encantaría tener otro bebé (ya tengo 2) pero necesitaría tratamiento de fertilidad... Así que tú, que te ha llegado de sorpresa, disfrútalo muchoooo!!!!
Besos miles y que pases unas fiestas increíbles!

Farrah's Designer Scraps said...

Aww your so welcome Hun! I'm glad you like it!
Congrats again on the little one!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Laura!!
I wish to you all the happiness, good health, and joy to you , the baby, and the rest of your family.
Happy Holidays sweetie

Deenie said...

That's a very sweet kit and Congratulations!! Have a wonderful holiday :)

Faerie said...

Wonderful, Spectacular, Joyous!

You're english seems perfect to me! You speak it better than I do, and it is my mother tongue!

I'm SO Happy for you...and running off to see if I can get the kit now or if I have to wait until the turn of the year.

YAY! Congratulations Again!

4 My Babies Scraps said...

Oh, Laura, congrats! 35 is young yet, you in your prime! What a blessing! My Husband and I are planning on one more, and I turned 36 last June. BUT ya know the risk of TWINS goes up at "35". LOL. Good luck, and I am so glad you are feeling a little better!

Kimberly said...

Congratulations! Thats so great. I hear about the misery, I do hope it gets better soon.

Anonymous said...

Ciao Laura!

Congratulations!What a fanstatic news.I hope you feel better soon.
I wish you and your Family a wonderful merry Christmas.

Baci e abbracci Loredana xx

Creabie said...

WWoww, congratulations! What a good surprise, hope you feel better soon for enjoy the pregnancy. I wish you a "Joyeux Noël" merry christmas for you and take care of you and a little baby!

Ghislaine said...

Congratulations! This is definitely a time to be taking care of yourself! I'm pregnant with my first who will be arriving in February or March. Good luck!

sylly creationz said...
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sylly creationz said...

let me try this again LOL -- Laura, Congratulations hunny, I am so thrilled for you ... I know I told you this already but had to here again hehe...xox! I am thrilled that you are starting to feel better again, I know it was a tough time...sending you, your family & the new baby lots of love on the way...happy & safe holidays and beautiful kit xoxo!!

Scarabe said...

That is good news!!congratulations Laura, I wish you a fine pregnancy!
And Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!
Thanks for the beautiful shares!!!

Good luck!! xxxx Scarabe

Yasminch said...

Felicidades Laura...!!!!! Te escribo, además de Felicitarte, para decirte que esta no es tu última oportunidad de ser madre como dices en tu comentario. Quiero compartir contigo un poco de mi vida: tengo 04 maravillosos hijos y empecé a parir a los 23 años. Para mi era demasiado pronto por que estaba terminando la carrera universitaria, trabajaba y además tenia a mi cargo la casa y todo lo que ella conlleva. El asunto es, que algunas veces me sentia desfallecer por tanta ocupación. Asi, tuve mis tres primeros hijos, no pude terminar el último semestre de carrera y me dediqué a la familia y al trabajo. Pero, cuando cumplí los 43 años...... Oh Sorpresa..... embarazada de nuevo....!!!! no puedo decir que no me impacto..... pero por otras razones: la principal era el tener mucha diferencia de edad con mi futuro hijo....Ahora puedo decirte, 10 años despues, que esta hija es un regalote de Dios: me mantiene activa, moderna, la disfruto muchísimo más que a los anteriores por que estoy en otra etapa de mi vida y con mucha más sabiduria.....Así que te deseo lo maximo de Felicidad con este bellísimo regalo que te envia Dios, relájate y disfrútalo.!!!! Creéme cuando te digo que los hijos son los que nos mantienen conectados al mundo...!!!!
Miles de besos para ti y tu familia y Dios te bendiga...!!!!

Diane said...

woohoo congratulations babe xxxx
what a fab crimbo pressie!

Brook said...

if our pregnant come over to !!!!