Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New awards

New awards today!
I've collected them in the last days and here they are :)

I received this award from Melissa
Let me say that for me it's a huge honour to receive this award from Melissa!! She's always been one of my idols, I was in both her groups (Scrappy Expressions and Heartfelt) and I admire her sooooo much!!
So, thank you so so much Melissa for thinking of me!

Now I have to pass this award... and the winners are:

I received this award from Kirsty and from Beaches

The rules say to please pass this award along to those that give their time so freely for others enjoyment so selflessly.
I'm passing this award to:

Thank you girls for thinking of me!!

I received this award from Tina and from Michelle

and now I have to tell you now 7 things I love and pass it on to 7 people:

7 things I love:
  • my family
  • Music
  • scrapbooking
  • books
  • eating
  • nature
  • sleeping!!

It's hard to find 7 people to award, everybody already has this so I stop here!

Thank you girls for this award!

Thank you everyone of you for thinking of me... and sorry if I forgot some awards :(



twinks said...

Hi Laura,
Great awards. You deserve them all.
Btw, I just recently purchased your "gettin' ready 4 christmas" kit @Taggers Scraps and I'm using it in my blog layout. If you want to see it here's the link.
I would be honored and would love to hear your comment. You can check the "credits" section.. I credited you. thanks again. I love your designs.I'll be a fan from now on. Take care

Maria Izabel said...

Hello Laura, thanks for the award!
I'm very very very happy for your choice!

deeniem56 said...

I just wanted to say it was so uplifting to visit your blog today and hear Jingle Bell Rock playing! I love that carol and Christmas carols always make me feel good :) Thank you for a bright spot in the morning!!